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CraneSense Training & Inspections Inc.


CraneSense specializes in customized Overhead Crane Operator Training, Critical Lift planning, Rigging and Application Consultation and Overhead Crane Inspection services.


Working with cranes requires "Crane Sense"!

When working around Overhead cranes, workers need more than "common sense". They need "Crane Sense." 

"Crane sense" - is having sufficient knowledge, understanding and awareness of all the dangers associated with crane use, so as to be able to make good decisions when working around cranes.

Who is affected by the use of cranes in your shop? 

Overhead crane and operator 2.jpg
  • crane operator
  • workers assisting the operator
  • workers in the vicinity of the lift
  • workers that could come into the lift zone
  • Supervisors, office staff or visitors in the plant

Any worker that can enter the vicinity of a crane in use, must have good "crane sense"


"Crane sense" comes from proper training!

  • Have all workers and supervisors in your shop had crane awareness training?
  • Is the crane operators training current? Was there enough training?
  • Does the crane operator have sufficient knowledge and experience to rig the load safely?
  • Is additional rigging training required?
  • Is the crane operator aware of all the dangers associated with moving the load?                 

We customize the training to meet your needs

Our training is on-site, OH&S compliant and hands-on. We tailor the training to meet the needs of your workers.  We carry out a site review of the cranes, rigging and loads moved by your workers, as well as the hazards that are encountered during lifts. We incorporate this into a custom training presentation, that gives your workers a thorough knowledge of what is required to safely operate the cranes at your facility.

High energy training

We present our training material with high energy, that captivates the student throughout the training time, using an enthusiastic, interactive presentation with powerful - PowerPoint, video and hands-on segments. Individual and group exercises are used to reinforce, and test comprehension of the material.

One-on-one practical training

What sets our training apart from the rest is our focus on the individual worker. Through one-on-one practical training each student is taught how to execute a complete lift including - pre-operational crane inspection; planning the lift;  preparing the load; selecting, inspecting and attaching suitable rigging; securing the area; and safely moving the load to it's destination.  Students will either receive a "Certificate of Competency" or a "Certificate of Training" depending on their level of demonstrated competency. New operators are given a "Certificate of Training" and require supervision by a competent crane operator for a period of time.

Follow up & supplemental training

We provide you with a detailed report on each students competency, including areas that need improvement. We provide a follow up service to re-assess students to track their progress in becoming competent operators.  We provide additional training services for complex lifts; specialty rigging like C-hooks, spreader beams, vacuum lifters etc; as well as refresher training.

OH&S recommends re-training every three years. Link to OH&S Training Guidelines

Having poorly or inadequately trained crane operators moving loads around in your shop can be a huge liability

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